Night Concert

Night Concert is a concert series taking place in the Mazkeka (the distillery) in downtown Jerusalem, dedicated to contemporary and eclectic repertoire and curated by Dan Weinstein and Ofer Tisser.

Night Concert #1
10.10.17 Radical Cello Music, Dan Weinstein, Cello
Night Concert #2
28.11.17 Piano and Keyboards, Udi Bonen, Piano
Night Concert #3
9.1.18 Contrabass and Others, Shai Hazan, Contrabass
Night Concert #4
10.2.18 New Music for Percussion and Electronics, Oded Geizhals, Percussion
Night Concert #5
27.3.18 Saxophones, Scelsi and Berio, Jonathan Hazan, Saxophones
Night Concert #6
23.6.18 Ancient Flutes, Inbar Solomon, Recorders